Industrial Packaging Line - DT-line

We have selected an ideal high quality Industrial Packaging Line for professionals.  You can make a perfect packaging line with the machines: Industrial double Chamber D-1100, Automatic Shrinking Tank DT-600, Drying Machine DS-10 and Conveyor Belt Vacuum Machine DA-500. All machines are developed and manufactured in Europe. The best quality for the best prices!

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High quality BUSCH pump inside.

Double Chamber

Magenta Pack Double Chamber Vacuum Machine D-1100 is equipped with two chambers for effective vacuum packaging, with a sealer dimension of 1100 mm. Productivity is increased due to the integration of double chambers, which reduces waiting times. The combination of efficient cleaning possibilities, ease of use, and heavy-duty parts is where the D-1100 distinguishes itself from other machines. It offers great reliability and is designed to pack both large quantities as well as sizable products. The packaging possibilities include modification for a large variety of product types.  Each machine has 4 sealbars each with a length of 1100mm. They are made of 304 stainless steel.

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3 adjustable fan units

Industrial Drying Machine DS-10 for industrial use

Magenta Pack Drying Machine has the technical competence for industrial applications. It operates with 3 adjustable fan units (2 from above, 1 from below) to optimally dry, where both speed and height are adjustable to fit a large variety of product types. The DS-10 Drying Machine ensures that both product and packing are not exposed to high temperatures, while making sure to have dried the packs before further processing. Especially suitable for products that require minimum heat penetration. 

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Includes 10 programs and sensor control

Automatic shrinking tank DT-600 for industrial use

Magenta Pack Automatic Shrinking Tank DT-600 vacuums products in shrink bags to perfectly fit the film around the shape of each product. Through its automatic water regulation and digital control system, the machine is easy to use. The control system includes 10 programs and sensor control to accomplish optimal performance. Without the use of unnecessary high temperatures, the DT-600 is very precise in its control and allows for optimized energy consumption. 

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For automatic lines or between conveyor belt machine and automatic dip tank

Vacuum packaging machine DA-500 - industrial use

Magenta Pack Conveyor Belt Vacuum Packing Machine DA-500 includes technology for both twin sealing and cut off sealing.
The digital control system includes 10 programs and sensor control to accomplish optimal performance. The conveyor technology allows for decoupling the loading process from the packing process. The DA-500 can be combined with the DT-600 shrinking machine and DS-10 drying machine to realize a shrink-packaging line. It offers a wide variety of possibilities in terms of configuration and product adaptability, while providing a high level of user-friendliness.  

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