Packaging with nature in mind

PLA Packaging. Bio and decomposable.

Green Environmental Paper Food Packaging

PLA Kraft Bowls

Besides all foils and trays we are proud to present our biodegradable Kraft Paper Bowls with PLA Coating!  These durable Bowls are 100% decomposable and certified according to the European standard EN13432.
Top 150 mm x Height 60 mm. Content 750 ml.
Only available per pallet. 7.000 bowls Ø 150 mm.

Top 185 mm x Height 66 mm. Content 1.200 ml.
Only available per pallet. 3.840 bowls Ø 185 mm.

PLA Topseal foil for Bio Kraft Bowls

Together with the kraft paper bowls we offer top sealing foil for sealing the bowls. This foil is also suitable for PLA cups and PE cups. It is decomposable just like the bowls. A unique combination.
Usage: Ready meals, salads, dry fruits
Width: 2600 mm. Lenght: 400 mtr. | 30mµ
Only available per pallet. 20 rolls PLA foil.

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RPET Packaging Materials

A fully recyclable solution

RPET trays

Our high quality RPET trays are not only 100% recyclable, they are also made with recycled material. Approximately 85% of a RPET tray contains raw materials of recycled RPET, reducing the polymer and oil raw material used in production.

What’s great about our RPET trays is that it is not only predominately made from recycled material but it also requires less energy to make an PET compared to making a virgin RPET tray.

PET mono foil for our RPET trays

This foil has the appropriate physical and mechanical properties and meets the hygiene requirements applicable to foils intended for use in food packaging.
Foils and trays that makes the difference!

Usage: Ready meals, meat, chicken, fish

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Conventional Food Packaging

At Magenta Pack we also offer a wide range of conventional packaging materials. Please find below some of our more commonly sold solutions;

Vacuum bags

Our premium European vacuum bags are made of 9-layer PA/PE/PA/PE film. This packaging protects the product from environmental influences (oxygen and water vapour), mechanical damage and the loss of moisture. Your products will remain fresh, retain their quality and appearance traits for a longer period of time.

The film of our vacuum bags has an unique additive in its formula: metallocene polyethylene, mPE. Thanks to this additive, vacuum bags can be fused perfectly even in extreme conditions where the effect of salt, vinegar or fat is present, which is of great importance in packing meat or fish products.

Our vacuum bags are perfectly suitable for packing meat products, cheese, fish, seafood, poultry, frozen and pastry products.


Magenta Pack provides a wide selection of trays for our MAP and SKIN tray sealers.

Thermoshrinkable bags

Multi-layer thermo shrink bags are an ideal solution for keeping food fresh for a longer time. Thanks to the extremely resistant coatings, food is protected from external factors such as moisture, dust or other elements that can affect their taste and quality. Thus, food retains its savor, smell, and nutritional properties without losing weight and enjoying a prolonged shelf life.

Multi-structured shrink bags are a simple and fast way to pack food at a low cost. At the same time, the properties of the bags, such as the high degree of transparency and gloss, highlight the colour and physical properties of the products.

Heat shrinkable bags can be used to pack meat and meat-based foods, fruit, and vegetables, cheeses or semi-prepared foods.

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