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Choose responsibly

The perfect alternative to your plastic disposables

The world is changing, and as a society, we’re becoming more and more aware of our impact on the environment. With Compostable Packaging we can contribute to an environmental world. We can see a huge increase in the demand for organic packaging options. This demand is not only driven by legislation, but also by consumers’ strong call for alternatives to plastic disposables.

Sustainable look and feel

Sustainable and compostable packaging

Kraft lends your product a modern, sustainable look and feel and is becoming increasingly popular as a packaging option. Our Kraft paper disposables and packaging are compostable, taste-neutral and moisture- and grease-proof. They are ideal for manufacturing a Bowl or Cup container for soups, sauces, salads, vegetables, meals, herbs and spices, peanuts and nuts, yoghurt, mushrooms, etc. What’s more: Kraft paper and carton products can be deep frozen, microwaved or used for perishables. The entire surface is suited for printing.

‘Inspiration room’ for our organic packaging

A sealer for every packaging format

When you visit our showroom, you can find over 30 packaging machines waiting to be tried out first-hand. And we also have a special ‘inspiration room’ for our organic packaging, where you can get a good idea of everything that is possible in this segment. From carton lids, containers, cups and bowls to the associated sealers and sealing foils. Do you already have a tray sealer at your location? No problem: we can make a custom cup, tray or baking mould that allows you to use your existing tray sealer without further adaptations.

60 different disposables

Whatever shape or size you like

Magenta Pack offers over 60 different disposables in standard shapes and sizes, and we have virtually everything in stock. Should you require something that isn’t covered by our regular range, we are happy to manufacture custom packaging according to your specifications. All our products are biodegradable and certified with regard to sustainability.

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“We work hard to be ‘green’ at all times. Which is why all our organic packaging is industrially compostable – in other words, 100% biodegradable! Good news for you; and good news for our environment.”

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