Package Deal 10



The Package Deal 2 – MAP is the ideal solution for the quick and easy tray packaging of products in fully recyclable RPET Trays and RPET FOILS or in conventional PP. It’s affordable enough to be purchased simply as a backup while maintaining superior quality that one can reply on during years of heavy use. The Tabletop Tray Sealer constructed of a high-quality stainless steel. It’s easy to operate, clean and maintain. Available in 2 standard mould dimensions: 227 x 178 mm and 187 x 137 mm (x2).
An excellent option for restaurants, gastronomy shops and supermarkets.

Quantity: 2


Our high quality RPET trays are not only 100% recyclable, they are also made with recycled material. Approximately 85% of a RPET tray contains raw materials of recycled PET, reducing the polymer and oil raw material used in production. What’s great about our RPET trays is that it is not only predominately made from recycled material but it also requires less energy to make an RPET compared to making a virgin PET tray.
Size: W 187mm x L 137mm x H 25mm

Quantity: 7.800


This foil has the appropriate physical and mechanical properties and meets the hygiene requirements applicable to films intended for use in food packaging.
Size: W 180mm x L 180mm x H 280mm – 30mu

Quantity: 96