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Pandemic causes explosive growth in packaged food

By February 28, 2022 No Comments

With the vast increase in takeaway meals and the associated proportioning of food, the importance of a good vacuum packaging machine has only increased. 

Magenta Pack’s packaging solutions have proven their worth in the corona pandemic.

“Due to corona, the emphasis has come to be on healthy living. We want more healthy and fresh food and with it shorter food chains”, says Edwin Huybers, Operational Director of Magenta Pack.

This is evident from, among other things, the explosive growth of takeaway concepts as a result of the pandemic. The demand for small(er) quantities of packaged food has increased considerably, so it is becoming increasingly important for entrepreneurs to have a good business model that meets that need.

Magenta Pack’s vacuum packing machines and biodegradable packaging, bags and foil perfectly fit this need. Huybers: “It’s about a high degree of efficiency, minimizing waste and optimizing food safety. The food stays fresh and is never left out too long, resulting in much less waste. In short: fresh food packed and sealed for the customer in the desired quantity.”

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