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Magenta Pack packaging philosophy is green

By February 28, 2022 July 12th, 2022 No Comments

Everyone knows them: Appliances with functions you never use but still pay for. With a machine this is often painful: Staff don’t know how to use it, it’s sensitive to malfunctions, and when it’s broken, the repair is expensive. With Magenta Pack’s vacuum packaging machine, you don’t have to worry about this. It offers high productivity, is easy to operate and has a higher uptime than the competition.

"Magenta Pack packaging philosophy offers entrepreneurs new market opportunities"

“Magenta Pack is the first company that offers mid-range vacuum packing products for the low- and mid-volume industry”, says Operational Director Edwin Huybers. “This means you’ll get a high-quality product at a lower cost. We do so by working based on LEAN principles and concentrating on value creation and achieving the highest possible efficiency.”

This is feasible by developing machines without redundant extras and equipping them with robust Busch pumps and reliable Omron control. “Companies often only use three functions of the more luxurious vacuum packaging machines”, Huybers explains the company’s choice. “Our machines cover the basic functionalities, which makes them much easier to operate so that even a new staff member can start working with them straight away.”

Another significant advantage is that Magenta Pack’s machines have a whopping 98% uptime, resulting in a minimal chance of spoiled food and less revenue loss and unforeseen costs. This is essential because vacuum packing machines are used more than ever before.

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