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Machines even more reliable through use of Busch pumps

By September 23, 2022 No Comments

With the invention of the R5 oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump, Dr. Karl Busch revolutionized food packaging. And today BUSCH is the market leader in vacuum packaging.

Reliable machines with Busch pump inside:
'Significant advantage that make a difference'

The R5 is not only used for food packaging, this pump is the industry standard for numerous applications. Every day more than 3 million R5 vacuum pumps are in use worldwide. Over the past 50 years, rotary vane technology has been continuously developed and optimized. Always with an emphatic focus on energy efficiency.

Throughout the industry, the R5 is known for its robustness and reliability. You can always count on the R5 – regardless of whether the pump is used occasionally or 24 hours a day. A variety of sizes, design options and accessories make the R5 the perfect match for many processes. Maintenance is simple and can be performed by the operator. Apart from regular oil changes and filter changes, no other maintenance is required.

Operating principle
The rotary vane technology of the R5 is synonymous with robust, practical construction. A rotor with three vanes is mounted eccentrically in a cylindrical housing. As a result of the centrifugal force, these vanes slide outward and form chambers between themselves and the casing.

The pumped medium enters these three chambers. During further rotation, the volume is continuously reduced. In the process, the pumped medium is compressed and transported to the outlet. R5 vacuum pumps operate with circulating oil lubrication. A downstream oil separator separates the seal oil and the pumped medium for efficient oil reuse.

A check valve prevents the pumped medium from flowing back into the process when the pump is turned off.

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